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“Soft” has historically gotten a bad reputation, and is often associated with being “weak.”

The majority of my life has consisted of internalizing my emotions, which is a result of how/what I was taught growing up. I know I don’t stand alone! I’m sure those of us who adopted that mentality were often labeled as “soft” and being soft often associated us as weak. However, experiencing life, growing through pains, and educating myself on mental health and wellness, I’ve learned that there’s no harm in being vulnerable. I’m also learning that it’s ok to share my emotions and what I’m going through with those I trust. Kudos to @NIVEAUSA for launching a new campaign – bringing awareness to change perceptions of “softness” and how powerful it can be. For every NIVEA Body Lotion (16.9oz) purchased, NIVEA will donate $1 to to help build a softer world. Please learn more about Rethink Soft by visiting! #NIVEAUSA #RethinkSoft  #ad

Though this is a brand collab, I’m really proud to have partnered with Nivea on this campaign because it truly aligns with my life! This year I’ve really strategized with what brands and companies I collaborated with. Staying true and sticking to my core values is extremely important for me. The reoccurring theme of my life is always kindness and treating others how I desire to be treated. In my mind –  loving, caring for, and displaying kindness to those around us and even is a no-brainer, but I learned more than I ever have that not everyone has the same mentality. What comes naturally to me or how I treat others isn’t how the next person might treat me. Therefore, partnering up to promote KINDNESS, is more than a delight. PLEASE NOTE -> Every kind act matters and it’s up to us to make that impact each and every day of our lives! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 

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